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'Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise' is coming to various consoles soon

Yak & Co. Suave secret agent adventure game Agent A offers a scenario full of retro futuristic contraptions, hidden gadgets and clever logic based puzzles for gamers to take on for a fulfilling and fun adventure experience. The game which has its Chapters 1-4 already available on the iOS and Google Play stores for smartphones and tablets will be soon arriving to the Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms to cater for more gamers to join in on the experience. In Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise , gamers get to play through the eyes of Agent A, a secret agent on a mission to infiltrate enemy Ruby La Rouge's hideout to put a halt to her evil plans. It features a stylish 1960s-inspired world full of intriguing and interesting puzzles players solve as they progress through the game. The game is designed by 2 person Australian studio Yak & Co. which centered efforts on its puzzles which count as the key part of the game. It consists of 6 chapters i

Gear up for the 'Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition' launch on the 30th of October

Digital Dreams In 3 days time or on the 30th of October to be precise, 'Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition' , a hellishly and brutal arcade-style football game will be debuting on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The game stands as a successor to the retro classic Mutant League Football title and is packed with next generation deep strategy gameplay, tooth-shattering and bone-crunching hits as well as a a roster of ghouls delivering tongue-through-cheek humor. Digital Dreams It includes  Dynasty Mode , a new single player experience where players become the coach and managers of their favorite Mutant Football League team and take a group of rookies to turn into monstrous all-stars through wins of multiple Mayhem Bowls over several seasons to become the league's next Dynasty. The game features player trades, multiple season gameplay, salary management, custom playbooks, cumulative player experience (XP) and free agent sig

Mixer builds custom carts for Post Malone to game

image credit : The Come Up Show on Flickr Microsoft's game streaming service Mixer has teamed up with award winning and multi-platinum recording artist Post Malone to offer fans the ultimate experience at the  Posty Fest event. Mixer is serving looks in customized golf carts fitted out from top to bottom with Post Malone in mind. The custom  Mixer HypeCart comes fitted with a 40-inch HD screen TV, a custom Posty Fest Xbox One X console, 13-inch and 100 spoke rims and will serve as a fully operational live-streaming machine to give an inside look at the festival as Malone streams live behind-the-scenes. Microsoft Players get to tune in to the Post Malone Mixer Channel  to see the record breaking artist answer questions and drive around the venue for an exclusive sneak peek at the festival with a chance to win a customized Posty Fest Xbox One X console also available. Malone will also be playing the latest games available on Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft Two of th

Qualcomm says Apple is $7 billion behind in royalty related payments

Apple Chip manufacturer Qualcomm has stated that its battle with Apple related to how much it can charge for essential patented technology used in its devices is getting costly. As per the company, Apple is $7 billion behind in royalties related to payments concerning this patents. Apple halted royalty payments last year to Qualcomm which wants as many as 56 patent-related claims and counterclaims dismissed from a lawsuit with Apple and its Asian manufacturers making an argument that these claims count as a sideshow to the larger licensing disputes between the companies. Apple “They’re trying to destroy our business," Qualcomm lawyer Evan Chesler said at a hearing Friday in a San Diego federal court. "They’re now $7 billion dollars behind in royalties. The house is on fire and there is $7 billion of property damage right now.” On Apple's side, it argues that Qualcomm is making use of intellectual property to coerce customers into paying high royalties even

Ripple nabs Google's messaging tech lead Amir Sarhangi for vice president of products position

Ripple CEO Brad Ganrlinghouse Ripple Blockchain company Ripple has hired Amir Sarhangi, The founder and CEO of Jibe Mobile who took up an executive position at the company after the acquisition of the company 3 years ago. Sarhangi who had been leading Google’s rollout of a new wireless messaging system is now joining Ripple as vice president of products. Ripple Labs operates an eponymous real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network built upon a distributed open source internet protocol that supports tokens representing fiat currency, cryptocurrency, commodities, or other units of value. The company launched in 2012 and has seen success with its Ripple coin whose market cap as of writing tops $18 billion with a 24 hour trading volume of $238 million according to . It's signed up over 100 customers on its RippleNet payments network which includes financial giants like Santander, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, MoneyGram, Yes

Shopify posts surprise profit leading to stock jump

image credit :  Daniel Weinand on Flickr E-commerce company Shopify just outed its quarterly financial results reporting a surprise 3rd quarter profit while also beating analyst expectations with $270.1 million revenue, an over 50% jump from $171.5 million in the same period last year. Analyst estimates expected $258.2 million for 3rd quarter revenue for the Ottawa based company. For this year, subscription solutions revenue grew 46% from the same period last year to $120.5 million boosted by growth in monthly recurring revenue of 41% to $37.9 million primarily driven by merchant adds. Shopify Plus also continued to increase in contribution to revenue with $9.2 million for Q3. Gross Merchant Volume processed on Shopify Payments also came at $4.1 billion. The company expects revenue of $315 million to $325 million for the fourth quarter. 

Assembled Brands raises $100 million to Provide Financing to Emerging Consumer brands

Assembled Brands, The LA based company which deals in providing financing to emerging consumer goods brands across a portfolio has closed on $100 million in funding from Oaktree Capital Management geared at expansion of its breadth and reach to include product categories from all industries and also continuous development of its proprietary underwriting technology. The company's proprietary methodology dubbed the 'ABC Formula' makes use of data to understand how deep a brand's relationship is with its consumers. It says this data allows it to invest capital that is less dilutive than what private equity or venture capital may require and well beyond what banks are willing to do. Brands partnering with Assembled Brands also gain an advantage via access and intelligence derived from proprietary data which aid in better decision making and faster delivery of results. Assembled Brands CEO Adam Pritzker image : Assembled Brands “We know from our own experie

Volkswagen's “modular electric-drive toolkit” is the basic building block for 10 million electric vehicles

Volkswagen As auto manufacturer Volkswagen makes plans to double down on electric vehicle production, it's “modular electric-drive toolkit” translated to English from “Modulare E-Antriebs-Baukasten (MEB)” stands as the basic building block and foundation for production of a planned 10 million electric vehicles on the platform. It'll form the basis for future Volkswagen vehicles including the production versions of the I.D. CROZZ SUV, the I.D. BUZZ van and beyond. 10 million copies of the MEB will be crafted in varieties of styles with a targeted 10 million production count being a very ambitious one for a major automaker. Volkswagen The MEB in total doesn't constitute the metal chassis alone involves the layout of key components and most importantly how they are fitted together. It underpins VW models from the Golf to the Atlas and can easily adapt to varying sizes of vehicles and battery capacities while making use of common components to help lower costs.

SpaceX reported to enter discussions for $500 million credit facility with Goldman Sachs

SpaceX Commercial space company SpaceX has been reported to be tapping the leveraged loan markets for a $500 million credit facility of which investment bank Goldman Sachs is said to be leading talks along with other potential investors. Bloomberg reports of this citing three people familiar with the matter who asked not be identified as matters are still private. The timing of this said credit facility lets the company take advantage of a borrower’s market in leveraged finance available for companies including ones like Uber and Tesla burning through cash related to costly operations. SpaceX SpaceX currently valued at $28 billion on the private market brings in steady revenue by launching satellites into orbit for telecom providers, defense companies and military organizations. It has contracts with both NASA and other U.S military agencies worth billions of dollars and has completed 17 launches this year alone. The company has also began developing a plan that will inv

Bitfury reported to be mulling IPO which could mark Europe's first Crypto public offering

Bitfury's BlockBox AC is one of the most powerful bitcoin mining devices available image : Bitfury Blockchain company Bitfury is reportedly weighing options which include an IPO which could mark the first large and main listing to take place from the crypto industry in the European region. As per Bloomberg , The company has reached out to global investment banks as it explores a trading debut in London, Amsterdam or Hong Kong which could come as early as next year. Bitfury could seek a valuation ranging from $3 billion to $5 billion as per the report although this number counts as an early estimate and could change depending on market conditions and industry outlook. The 7 year old company provides digital asset management software, crypto hardware and also storage services on its own data centers. It posted revenues of $450 million for the 12 months through March this year. Founded by Valery Vavilov and Valery Nebesny in 2011 who both hold positions of CEO and technic

Charlotte based real estate startup Ribbon raises $225 million

image : Ribbon Real estate startup Ribbon has closed on $225 million in a Series A  debt and equity financing round to fuel expansion of its service which involves simplifying and making easier the process of home buying to more locations. The Charlotte based startup offers new personalized home valuations, a mobile experience for Realtors and a new pricing model that is free to buyers and plans to get into 10 more markets by the end of this year. It already operates in the Charlotte, Cary, Asheville, Fort Mill and Indian Land regions indicating a target for markets where homebuyers go through more difficult processes during the purchase process. image : Ribbon The debt/equity split for this round has not been disclosed but already existing investors Bain Capital Ventures, NFX, Greylock and NYCA. The company has signed up Realtors from major brokerages and has secured partnerships with big real estate firms leading to a growing adoption of its platform which it says represe

War Thunder kicks off as free to play title on the Xbox One with a new update

Gaijin Entertainment Xbox One console owners are now getting free access to War Thunder, the cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment after months of offering paid access to the title. As part of a switch to a free to play title, a new content update codenamed The Valkyries is also being made and involves an introduction of helicopters into gameplay. Starting from the U.S. and Russia, players will be able to field choppers such as the inconic UH-1 Huey and Mi-24 Hind versions during in-game battles with more nations to be added in future time. Gaijin Entertainment A new  choppers vs choppers game mode will be tested alongside pitting of choppers against planes during battles as part of this new update. Players on the Xbox One can also now fully immerse into the game while playing from the cockpit view with new support for the T.Flight Hotas One flightstick. New M1IP Abrams and T-80B battle tanks have also been added along with a new combin

Daimler and Geely partner for ride-hailing venture in China

Daimler Auto giant Daimler and China based vehicle manufacturer Geely have now taken on a partnership to run a ride-hailing joint venture in the Chinese region which will involve use of premium vehicles including but not limited to that of the Mercedes Benz brand. The initial fleet for this ride-hailing venture will include Mercedes-Benz S-Class, E-Class and V-Class and Maybach vehicles as well as probable supplements from Geely's premium EV offerings. Daimler Geely is notable for its operation of CaoCao, it's Chinese domestic ride-hailing service with over 17 million registered users and one million regular active users which provides trips in 28 cities in a fleet of over 29,000 electric vehicles. This joint venture formed by Daimler is aimed at enlarging the global presence of its own mobility services which account for 26 million customers. "Daimler is ideally positioned to continue its transformation by expanding into a comprehensive mobility services c

Target offers same day delivery with Shipt across 46 states

Target In a bid to make shopping for the holiday season as easier as ever, Target has now announced same-day delivery and drive up service coast to coast for millions of buyers in hundreds of markets across 46 states in the U.S. The company's Drive Up service is expanding to nearly 1,000 stores with Free 2-Day Shipping to all guests on hundreds of thousands of items without the requirement of a minimum purchase or membership beginning from the first of November. Target Buyers who place an order through the Shipt app or website get to select from more than 55,00 products offered and then head to a local Target store to complete the order and deliver it to their door. Likewise, Target's Drive Up service which enables buyers place orders on the Target app and have their purchases brought to their car by a team member within minutes of arrival in the parking lot will be expanding to nearly 1,000 of its stores by the end of this year. Target Also, Target'

Cloudflare reported to be preparing for next year IPO

Cloudflare co-founder and COO Michelle Zatlyn image credit : TechCrunch on Flickr Web performance and content delivery network company Cloudflare has now been reported to be preparing for an IPO which could value the company at over $3.5 billion. This new report comes from Reuters  which states of Cloudflare looking to go public in the first half of next year. Cloudflare known for its web performance and protection services is used by lots of customers ranging from small, local blogs to international, Fortune 500 companies. Current enterprise customers include Discord, Mapbox, Zendesk, Quizlet, DigitalOcean, Hubspot, Carousell, Curse and several other notable names. The company serves data from over 154 data centers around the world, reaches over 200 million web surfers with the push of code at any time and says 10,000 new users are signing up fir its service everyday. (L-R) Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince and COO Michelle Zatlyn speak onstage during day two of TechCrunch Di

WeWork competitor Knotel nabs $60 million investment

Knotel  CEO/co-founder Amol Sarva Knotel Office space rental startup and WeWork competitor Knotel has raised $60 million in a new round led by new investor Northwest Venture Partners whose managing partner Jeff Crow will now be joining its board. Knotel which launched 2016 and is now available across 4 main regions has now raised $160 million in equity with this new round. It operates locations across New York, Berlin, San Francisco and  London and has grown by a rapid rate taking on $160 million in funding in just nearly 2 years with a count of over 60 locations more than 1 million square feet as of current. The company's locations are geared for established and growing brands with a provision of flexibility in its rental models. Knotel CEO Amol Sarva is notably the co-founder of Virgin Mobile, Peek and Halo Neuroscience marking a solid background in the business space and a longtime experience applied to Knotel's rapid growth. image : Knotel Knotel's 2,000

Thrive Capital raises $1 billion for both late stage and earlier bets

Image courtesy : Joshua Kushner(left) on Instagram Thrive Capital, the venture capital firm focused on internet and software investments and led by Oscar Health and Vostu co-founder Joshua Kushner with notable exits like Twitch, GitHub, and Instagram has now closed on commitments of up to $1 billion for its sixth flagship fund. It raised $600 million for late stage deals and an additional $400 million for earlier bets with its total assets under management till date now coming at $2.5 billion. Joshua Kushner as the name sounds familiar is related to Joshua Kushner, son-in-law and senior advisor to U.S. president Donald Trump and is also the son of American real estate tycoon Charles Kushner. 33 year old Kushner counts entrepreneurial stints as co-founder of Vostu, a Brazillian social gaming startup whose value was once estimated at $300 million and Oscar, a healthcare startup that raised $375 million from Alphabet this August with a reported valuation of $3.2 billion.

Hyundai has commenced development of wearable industrial robots

Hyundai Auto manufacturer Hyundai has ventured into the robotics scene with a kick-off of development of its Vest Exoskeleton (H-VEX) wearable industrial robots which was demonstrated August last year in the Hyundai-KIA North American factory and stands as part of the five areas of future innovation growth selected by Hyundai earlier this year. The auto manufacturer is developing technology in three areas of robotics: service robots, wearable robots and micro-mobility and is also in the process of strategic cooperation with several companies centered on robotic and artificial intelligence technology. Hyundai The first H-CEX wearable robot developed for industrial use is a knee joint protective device that helps workers maintain the sitting position and weight just 1.6 kg yet is durable and capable of withstanding weights of up to 150kg. It features waist, thigh and knee belts that can be easily fitted and adjusted to the user's height and also three different angl

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Pokémon Go Creator Niantic Raises $300M, Valued At $9B

Niantic , an augmented reality (AR) company whose products include the famous  Pokémon Go game, has raised a big new round of funding. It's raised $300mn in funding at a valuation of $9bn. All the funding came from just one investor; Coatue , a New York-based hedge fund famous for investing in many blue-chip tech startups. With its new funding, Niantic says it'll invest in current games and new apps and expand its AR developer platform called Lightship . The company says it's set on building the "real-world metaverse," jumping on the bandwagon popularized by Facebook's parent firm, Meta.  The base for Niantic's metaverse vision is the Lightship developer platform which it launched this month. It's a platform for developers to build augmented reality apps and experiences, drawing from Niantic's tools that helped create its hit  Pokémon Go game. To draw creators to Lightship, Niantic has also set up a $20mn venture fund to invest in AR startups

Deal: Workday Buys Ohio Startup Vndly For $510M

Workday (NASDAQ: WDAY), the famous HR/finance software vendor, has made a big new acquisition to support its platform. The company will acquire Vndly , a software platform for companies to manage contract workers. Vndly fits in well in Workday's overall software suite, and the rationale behind the purchase is clear. Vndly is an Ohio-based startup. Workday will pay $510mn to buy it, marking one of Ohio's biggest startup exits this year. Vndly has raised roughly $60mn from VCs, so a $510mn exit is very lucrative and more so for a startup founded just four years ago .  Before now, Vndly and Workday were already close allies. Vndly's platform is integrated with Workday's, with official certification to go. The Mason, Ohio-based startup is part of Workday's global network of endorsed software partners, so Workday didn't even have to look far to snatch its latest acquisition.  Vndly was founded in 2017 by two entrepreneurs,  Shashank Saxena and Narayana Surabhi .

Amazon, Apple Fined $230M For Reseller Collusion In Italy

Tech giants Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) have been handed sizeable fines by the Italian government following an investigation into alleged reseller collusion between both companies. Amazon was fined €135mn ($151mn) and Apple  €69mn ($78mn), totaling $229mn .  The fine was levied by the  Italian Competition Authority . According to the agency, Apple and Amazon had a contractual agreement to allow  select resellers to sell Apple and Beats products on Amazon's Italian marketplace. The agency said that the selection was applied in a "discriminatory" way that violated European Union rules and affected price competition. According to the  Italian Competition Authority, at least 70% of local consumer electronics purchases are made on Amazon, making it a dominant retailer. This dominance, therefore, demands a "level playing field" for retailers that sell on Amazon's marketplace, the agency said. This is the nth time Amazon is getting in the cr

Antitrust: US DOJ Sues To Block Major Sugar Industry Merger

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is freshly on the antitrust circuit, seeking to block a merger it deems detrimental to consumers. The agency has filed a lawsuit to block the sale of  Imperial Sugar , a leading American sugar producer, to rival  U.S. Sugar . The DOJ says the proposed deal will make just two sugar producers account for an "overwhelming majority" of refined sugar sales in the U.S. Southeast, U.S. Sugar being one of the two producers. This concentration of power would make consumers pay more for refined sugar, the DOJ says.  Imperial Sugar is owned by Louis Dreyfus Company, a privately-held agricultural giant based in the Netherlands. The company agreed to sell Imperial to rival U.S. Sugar for the sum of $315mn this March.  U.S. Sugar is another privately-held agricultural giant headquartered in Florida. It can produce up to 850,000 tons of sugar annually at its refinery plant in Florida, and buying Imperial would give it two more sugar plants in Kentuc

Alt-Meat Maker Impossible Foods Raises $500M In Fresh Funding

A leading maker of plant-based meat substitutes, Impossible Foods , has obtained a fresh cash infusion from VCs. It has  raised $500mn in new funding, bringing the total amount of funding it has raised since inception to $2bn.  The latest round was provided entirely by existing investors doubling down on Impossible Foods.  Mirae Asset Global , a Korean investment firm, led the round and was joined by other unnamed existing investors.  It's evident that investors are longing for Impossible Foods, a leading brand in the nascent market for plant-based meat substitutes. There's clearly huge potential for plant-based meat substitutes, driven by an increasing vegan population and the appeal to lower the carbon footprint that spurs from meat consumption. To that end, Impossible Foods is growing rapidly. Its products can now be found in more than 20,000 retail stores, compared to 150 as of March 2020, and 40,000 restaurants globally. Over the past year, Impossible has launched in ne

Deal: KKR Makes $37B Buyout Offer For Telecom Italia

Private equity giant KKR (NYSE: KKR) has ventured into Italy for its latest buyout deal. The firm has offered to buy Telecom Italia (BIT: TIT), the largest telecom provider in Italy, in a deal worth  €33bn ($37bn), including debt. KKR offered 0.505 Euros in cash for each outstanding  Telecom Italia share, a 46% premium to the last closing share price before the offer. That sums up to  €10.7bn ($12bn) in cash to be paid for Telecom Italia, and including the telecom firm's large net debt of €22.5bn ($25bn) sums up to $37bn in total.  KKR's offer is non-binding and must be approved by Telecom Italia's board members and majority shareholders before the deal goes through. Approval must also come from the Italian government, which was veto power over the takeover of the formerly state-owned telecoms firm.  Telecom Italia gave no indication that it'll approve the deal. If approval is given, it'll mark one of the biggest buyout deals of a European company by an America

Earnings: Nvidia Is On A Tear

Chipmaking giant Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) has unveiled the financial results for its latest fiscal quarter ended October 31, 2021. The company reported a sharp rise in sales that can only be described as being on a tear. Nvidia posted $7.1bn in revenue in the quarter, up 50% year-over-year . The large growth was driven mostly by the company's data center sales, which increased 55% year-over-year to $2.9bn. Similarly, Nvidia's gaming revenue rose 42% year-over-year to $3.2bn. Net income for the quarter was $2.5bn , up 4% from the same period last year. It was an outstanding quarter all-around for Nvidia, a beneficiary of the recent massive growth of the gaming industry and data center boom. Nvidia's GeForce graphics cards are very popular with gamers, and data center operators patronize Nvidia's high-performance graphics processors for artificial intelligence applications.  Save for data centers and gaming, Nvidia has other minor product lines, including automotive chip

Cyber: Apple Sues NSO Group Over Spyware Hacks

Tech giant Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has filed a lawsuit against NSO Group , a controversial Israeli company that sells smartphone hacking tools and has been  implicated in the hacks and surveillance of many notable persons, including journalists, activists, and business executives, by state-sponsored actors. Apple has sued NSO Group for infecting iPhones with spyware to track users of interest. As part of the suit, the tech giant seeks a permanent injunction to ban NSO Group from using any Apple products. NSO Group is best known for its Pegasus spyware that can be covertly installed on mobile phones running most versions of iOS and Android. The company exploits vulnerabilities in both operating systems to introduce spyware into a phone without the user's knowledge. Pegasus was the center of a Washington Post investigation called "The Pegasus Project," revealing that the spyware was used to surveil over 1,000 identified notable individuals across countries with shoddy hu

Markets: Retail Giant Authentic Brands Scraps IPO Plans

Authentic Brands Group , a New York-based retail conglomerate, has suspended its plans for an initial public offering (IPO) after already filing an S-1 document with the US SEC. The company has instead opted to raise private funding to fund expansion in the main time. Authentic Brands Group's portfolio retail brands include apparel retailer Forever21 , men's suit maker Brooks Brothers , and department store chain Barneys New York . The company is akin to an old people's home where once-vibrant retail brands go to stay after they've gone past their peak. Authentic buys these befallen retail companies and makes money from what's left of them through licensing deals.  Over the years, Authentic has relied on hefty venture funding to assemble its constellation of old-guard brands. An IPO was supposed to raise even more money for expansion but has been set aside in favor of private funding.  Authentic is  rather selling  equity stakes to private equity firm CVC Capital

Markets: IoT Startup Samsara Files For IPO

The latest tech startup to board the IPO train is Samsara , a VC-backed startup that makes internet-of-things (IoT)-based fleet monitoring hardware and software for logistical operators. It has unveiled an S-1 filing with the US SEC, showing its intention to list on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Samsara has raised nearly $1bn from VCs including Andreessen Horowitz, Tiger Global, and General Catalyst, with a valuation of $5.4bn from its last funding round. The company's co-founders sold a previous startup named Meraki to Cisco for $1.2bn . As expected, Samsara's S-1 filing gives a deep glimpse into the company's business with information not publicly disclosed before. The company has been rather secretive over the years, making this long-awaited information. We've extracted some important information so you don't have to, mostly the financial stuff. Samsara brought in $303mn in revenue in the nine months ended October 2021, compared to $174mn in the same