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Fetch Robotics Raises $46 Million Series C

Fetch Robotics CEO Melonee Wise image: RISE on Flickr Fetch Robotics, a Silicon Valley-based maker of warehouse robots, has raised $46 million in Series C funding led by Fort Ross Ventures, with participation from both new and existing investors, including Softbank Capital, Sway Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Zebra Ventures, TransLink Capital and more. This funding included, Fetch Robotics has now raised $94 million since inception. Fetch Robotics says it'll funnel the new funding towards international expansion, ongoing R&D, and acceleration of customer demand. “Customers have responded enthusiastically to our unique Cloud Robotics solution, and we’re responding by securing the funds we need to continue growing and enhancing our offerings,” CEO Melonee Wise said in a press release. “The competitive pressures for excellence in logistics have never been greater. Our Autonomous Mobile Robots and cloud platform enables our customers to meet their customers’ demands while

Lehmann Shows Us Postmates' Cute Little Robot

Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann Photograph by Fortune Magazine Amid tittle-tattles of Postmates shopping itself to several buyers , CEO Bastian Lehmann appeared at a recent Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference  [video] to talk about the delivery company and the gig economy on the whole. Lehmann addressed acquisition rumors with a casual statement of "..I can’t comment" although he later said the "..plan is to take it public". Postmates confidentially filed for an IPO earlier this year but hasn't [soon-after] followed up with an official S-1 filing as conventionally done. Shortly after the Fortune conference, Lehmann also penned an op-ed on CNN that pushed for improvement of workforce conditions for gig economy workers and corporation with labor unions. "...Gig companies don't have a long history of working with organized labor, but the way forward depends on us viewing unions as working partners, not sparring partners." Lehmann wrote in his o

Domino's And Nuro Partner For Autonomous Pizza Delivery

A Nuro unmanned delivery vehicle stocked with Domino's pizza. Image: Nuro Nuro -- a company making driverless delivery vehicles that's backed by more than $1 billion in funding, including a $940 million round led earlier this year by the Softbank Vision Fund -- has partnered with popular pizza franchise Domino's to deliver pizza to customers with its self-driving vehicles. A pilot program will kick off in Houston, Texas -- where Nuro already delivers groceries -- to deliver pizza to some customers. The customers who will receive orders from Nuro's autonomous vehicles are those that order from one of Domino's participating stores. Once they order, customers will be able to track Nuro's delivery vehicles within the Domino's app, and will also be provided with a PIN to unlock the vehicle's compartment -- where their pizza is stored -- once it reaches their destination. The name Nuro may be familiar, as it also delivers groceries for Kroger, th

Meet Ford's Delivery Robot

Digit image: Ford Ford recently teamed up with Agility Robotics -- a Playground Global backed robotics company spun out of Oregon State University -- on a new bipedal autonomous delivery robot named Digit , that'll carry out the final step of getting delivered packages from the vehicle to the customer's door. The new robot is a stand-out concept of many designs and visions laid out by various companies for robo-deliveries. Digit, the two-legged robot is made of lightweight material and is capable of lifting packages weighing up to 40 pounds (18.1kg). It can go up and down stairs, work through uneven terrain and even react to physical actions like being bumped into without losing its balance and tripping over. Ford and Agility Robotics fitted the package delivery robot with wheels to make it easy for walking through obstacles. It's capable of folding itself up for easy storage at the back of a delivery vehicle until it's called into action. In Ford's v

Vector Maker Anki Shuts Down

Anki CEO Boris Sofman image: TechCrunch / Flickr Anki, the San Francisco based robotics startup behind popular consumer robots like Vector and Anki and backed by nearly $200 million in funding according to Crunchbase data  is shutting its doors and laying off its entire staff. Recode first reported this on Monday. According to its report, CEO Boris Sofman -- at a teary all-hands meeting - told Anki's staff (close to 200 employees) that they would be terminated on Wednesday and paid a week of severance. The report also says Sofman had earlier told employees that the company was scrambling to find more funding after a new financing round receded at the last minute. This isn't a small shut-down as Anki said last fall it had "approached" $100 million in 2017 revenue and expected to surpass that figure in 2018. Anki's leadership had previously told employees that it was looking after acquisition interest from companies like Comcast, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Brain Corp Debuts Delivery Robot

image: Brain Corp San Diego based robotics company Brain Corp has debuted an autonomous delivery robot. Dubbed  AutoDelivery , Brain Corp says it's a new "proof-of-concept" powered by its BrainOS software. The new delivery robot will be capable of moving common cart types of goods to and fro places. Brain Corp touts it as a solution for the likes of commercial and retail facilities, warehouses and factories. It says it's exploring potential manufacturing partners for the new robot and targeting a commercial launch in early 2020. The AutoDelivery robot will be demoed at this year's ProMat Show holding from the 8th-11th of April. image: Brain Corp Brain Corp is one of the most high-profile robotics companies, drawing eyeballs after a $114 million Series C round led by Softbank in 2017. The San Diego headquartered company notably partnered with Walmart in December to fill its stores with robots powered by BrainOS. BrainOS also powers machines made by

Daimler Acquires Majority Stake In Torc Robotics

(From left-right) Torc Robotics CEO Michael Fleming and Daimler Trucks CEO Roger Nielsen image: Daimler Daimler Trucks has reached a deal to acquire a majority stake in Torc Robotics - a Blacksburg, Virginia based self-driving company founded in 2005 - for an undisclosed sum. Both parties will join forces to work on commercialisation of automated trucks on U.S. roads. Torc's team will collaborate with Daimler Trucks' developers, particularly its R&D team in the state of Oregon for this. Torc will continue to develop the Asimov automated driving software it's known for at its Virginia facility. It'll still remain a separate entity maintaining its name, team, facilities and existing customers in the state of Virginia. The partnership with Daimler will enable it significantly expand its team and service its customer base in other markets, a press release noted. A Torc self-driving vehicle image: Torc Robotics Torc Robotics with around 100 emplo

UPS Partners With Matternet For Medical Drone Deliveries

image: UPS UPS has partnered with drone startup Matternet to deliver medical samples via unmanned drones. Deliveries will take place at the hospital and campus of WakeMed in Raleigh, North Carolina. Test flights have already taken place at the campus in August 2018 as part of a pilot program set up by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA has set up a three-year long program that aims to test practical applications of drones by working with private companies and local governments. UPS will make use of Matternet's M2 quadcopter - one powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, capable of ferrying medical payloads weighing up to about 5 lbs. over distances of up to 12.5 miles. - for the deliveries. The Matternet M2 quadcopter image: Matternet The quadcopter will fly through a pre-determined path - while monitored by a specially trained pilot - to a fixed landing pad at WakeMed’s main hospital and central pathology lab. The three parties involved - UPS

iRobot Unveils Robot Lawn Mover

Navigation for the robot lawn mower image : iRobot Massachusetts based iRobot, the company behind the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner and Braava line of robot mops has unveiled a new product, this time a robot lawn mover it says is kit with "state-of-the-art mapping and navigation technologies" that enables high-performance and high-quality mowing. The new robot named Terra  is capable of mapping its course after being schooled, with the use of wireless beacons users get to place around their yard and then drive the robot once around the perimeter. Once this is done, the robot charts its course, navigating the yard while remembering where it needs to cover. If its battery runs low, it will return to its base to recharge and then re-commence mowing until the yard handed to it is completely mowed. image : iRobot Beacon placement for the robot lawn mower image : iRobot The Terra image : iRobot Users can also make use of the iRobot Home App to cust

Amazon Unveils Fully-Electric Autonomous Delivery Robot, "Scout"

Amazon Scout image : Amazon Amazon has unveiled a fully-electric delivery robot - Amazon Scout - comparable to the size of a small cooler that will roll along sidewalks at a walking pace. The company says it will begin delivering packages to customers in a neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington. Customers in this neigborhood will be able to order from Amazon just like they normally would and get their packages delivered by either an Amazon partner carrier or the Amazon Scout. Amazon is starting with six of these robots, delivering packages Monday through Friday during daytime. The robots would autonomously follow their delivery route but will initially be accompanied by an Amazon employee, the company says. The Amazon Scout was developed at the company's research and development lab in Seattle, a place also home to research labs of Microsoft and Facebook. Another company with a recently unveiled delivery robot is Postmates, which unveiled an autonomous delivery

Misty II Personal Robot Scheduled To Ship In April

Misty II image : Misty Robotics The Misty II, a personal robot developed by robotics startup Misty which non-technical owners can program using a custom visual block-based programming interface, will be available for purchase April this year for $2,399, a four months delay from its initially proposed released date (the 4th of December). Beginning April, customers can get their hands on the robot which would come installed with pre-set skills to get them started on use. Those with programming experience will be able to utilize JavaScript APIs to create more skills and mods such as integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cognitive Services and other Cloud APIs. Skills the Misty II can perform out of the box include: Recognize faces Create a 3D map of her surroundings Autonomous movement Receive and respond to commands Locate its charger to charge itself Display emotive eyes and other emotional characteristics  Perform seeing, hearing, and speaki

PepsiCo Is Rolling Out Robots Dubbed "Snackbots" To Deliver Snacks To College Students

image : PepsiCo PepsiCo is rolling out a fleet of robots dubbed "snackbots" at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California to deliver snacks and beverages from its Hello Goodness brand ordered via an iOS app to students. It's partnering with Bay Area-based Robby Technologies for this effort. The beverage giant is building on the initial success of its Hello Goodness vending platform, expanding the idea of "curated convenience" into new locations, formats and experiences to deliver 50,000 units vending units by year end. The roll-out of these robots count as part of the efforts. Students of the University of Pacific can order food and drinks from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. via a snackbot iOS app with delivery available to over 50 designated areas across the 175-acre campus. The robots can go 20 miles on a single charge and are equipped with camera and headlights to allow it see and navigate carefully in rain or full darkness, PepsiCo says. It also com

Postmates Unveils New Delivery Robot, 'Serve'

Postmates Postmates has unveiled a robotic delivery device built from the ground up to deliver small items over short distances effectively. The new autonomous robot, Serve pairs a patented "Socially-Aware-Navigation system" with proprietary Postmates software to join the Postmates fleet of over 350,000 couriers in delivering items to its users. It runs on electricity and moves at walking speed, enabling it to route deliveries away from crowded streets and onto sidewalks. "7 years and hundreds of millions of deliveries later — we realized that we are in unique position to create our very own autonomous delivery vehicle" A post from Postmates read..."By developing an in-house, design-first approach, Serve was built to respect cities, meets customer demands, and helps local businesses sell even more." Postmates The new robot contain advanced set of sensors including Velodyne Lidar and makes use of an NVIDIA XAVIER processor for interact

Walmart Stores are Getting Cleaning Robots Powered by Softbank-backed Brain Corp's OS

Walmart Walmart has partnered with San-Diego based Brain Corp, an AI company backed by the likes of Softbank and Qualcomm to fill its stores with 360 cleaning robots powered by software from Brain. It expects this to be put in place by the end of its fiscal 2019 year on the 31st of January. These autonomous floor scrubbers powered by AI software dubbed BrainOS will perform its task after a quick route map by a store associate and will kick off with the press of a single button. It's fitted with autonomous navigation and data collection capabilities tied to a cloud-based reporting system that makes use of multiple sensors to scan surroundings for people and obstacles before navigating their way through. An autonomous floor scrubber powered by BrainOS is pictured here in a Walmart location image : Brain Corp  "We're excited to work with Brain Corp in supporting our retail operations and providing our associates with a safe and reliable technology," Wal

Hyundai has commenced development of wearable industrial robots

Hyundai Auto manufacturer Hyundai has ventured into the robotics scene with a kick-off of development of its Vest Exoskeleton (H-VEX) wearable industrial robots which was demonstrated August last year in the Hyundai-KIA North American factory and stands as part of the five areas of future innovation growth selected by Hyundai earlier this year. The auto manufacturer is developing technology in three areas of robotics: service robots, wearable robots and micro-mobility and is also in the process of strategic cooperation with several companies centered on robotic and artificial intelligence technology. Hyundai The first H-CEX wearable robot developed for industrial use is a knee joint protective device that helps workers maintain the sitting position and weight just 1.6 kg yet is durable and capable of withstanding weights of up to 150kg. It features waist, thigh and knee belts that can be easily fitted and adjusted to the user's height and also three different angl

Former Autodesk Exec led startup Bright Machines raises $179 million to automate manufacturing processes in factories

Bright Machines, a San Francisco based startup led by former Autodesk and Flex executives aimed at making use of a combination of robots and new software for reduction of manual labor in manufacturing of electric devices has raised $179 million in venture capital while launching out of stealth. Eclipse Ventures led this round for Bright Machines which counts former Autodesk chief executive Amar Hanspal as its CEO and former Flex CEO Mike McNamara, Eclipse Ventures founder and also former Flex executive Lior Susan and ex Autodesk co-CEO Carl Bass as members of its board. The company focuses on “micro-factories” made of of robot cells and new software tools aimed at making the manufacturing process more efficient. It says its customers are using its tools in half a dozen countries for replacement of people who assemble and inspect electronics. In retrospect, Bright Machines' offerings are geared at plugging software gaps and making the process of designing to manufacturing mor

Softbank reportedly in discussions of investing up to $750 million in robotics Pizza startup Zume

Zume As per new reports, Behemoth tech investor Softbank is again prepping for another investment, This time in a startup notable for offering robot made and automated delivery Pizza to consumers with the Japanese based giant reportedly in talks of putting up to $750 million for investment into the Mountain View based startup. An investment in Zume which also licenses its technology to other vendors will result to one of the biggest funding rounds ever in the robotics and consumer startup space and well noted for the company which kicked off late 2015. As per Bloomberg , Softbank is planning a funding round weighed between $500 million to $750 million citing people familiar with the conversations. In addition to delivering and cooking Pizza for its customers, Zume holds a patent for delivery trucks which are capable of cooking food during the trip to its customers with the startup's trucks loaded partly by robots in addition to creating technologies aimed at mana

Boston Dynamics prepares to churn out 1000 robots annually beginning from next year

image credit : Boston Dynamics Softbank owned Robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics is now preparing to deliver its products for commercial use as the company which announced its intentions to take its agile and smart robots to the mainstream market is now geared towards producing its SpotMini (pictured above) robot at the rate of around 1,000 units per year according to its founder Marc Raibert who leads the company's efforts currently. Raibert states the SpotMini which is just one of its several robots is currently being tested for application and use in various tasks including use in delivery, security, home assistance and construction purposes. “We’ve built ten by hand, we’re building 100 with manufacturers at the end of this year, and at the end of 2019, we’re going to begin production at the rate of about 1,000 a year,” said Raibert with the company also aiming to make its product as a popular open-source platform which provides more innovation and foundation for further

Drones can now be tested "In Virtual Reality"

Researchers at the previous Massachusetts Institute of Technology have broken grounds on a system which would be ultimately used to test and train drones without the physical constraints attached using a VR system, The exact way we humans step into an immersive world when we put on a VR headset now applies to intelligent drones, These drones will learn how to avoid obstacles and collisions, Move at great speed and also maneuver through different positions all while learning like its actually doing it in the real world. This way, even when drones unfortunately hit an obstacle using this "Flight Goggles" system, The damages are studied and taken virtually as opposed to physical damage which takes a lot of time, delaying trials and costing much more money. This method simulates the drone's sensors moving it through a virtual world as seen in the video above preventing various obstacles such as high winds and different hanging obstacles such as transmission power lines w

Boston's Atlas Robot has the best of Abilities

                            Image credit : Boston Dynamics Boston Dynamics recently released new awesome footage on one of its robots - The Atlas, The footage below shows the robot having mastered the act of running and jumping displaying its agility and intelligence. The Atlas is described as the World's Most Dynamic Humanoid which makes use of balance and whole-body skills to achieve two-handed mobile manipulation. This robot made by Boston Dynamics, The Softbank owned Robotics company which spun off in 1992 and was formerly owned by Google's X Research arm is capable of performing tasks in large volume with the use of its streamlined 3D printed legs which makes it a very unique robot with a huge strength ratio and making it to complete its tasks with less time and stress. The Atlas will do various tasks every human does like lifting, carrying and manipulating the positions of different objects in both normal and rough conditions with the Robots capable of working

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Warren Buffett Makes A Rare Startup Bet, In Brazil

Warren Buffett is a legendary investor, one known for making a huge fortune from buying and selling stakes in many companies. Via his firm, Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett has led investments in many companies across many industries. Though, in his long investing career, Buffett has largely shied away from one area - tech startups and companies. Paraphrasing his own words, it's because he "didn't understand it".  As time has progressed, Buffett has somewhat become friendly with tech investments, starting with bigger names like Apple and IBM, and then Paytm , India's premier fintech startup. Now, in his latest tech bet, Buffett's Berkshire has ventured into Brazil to the country's premier fintech startup, just like it did in India.  Berkshire has bought a $500mn stake  in Nubank , a premier neobank and the largest fintech startup in Brazil and Latin America at large. The investment is part of a $750mn round for the company at a reported valuation of $30bn.  At

SPAC: Self-Driving Startup Plus To Go Public In $3.3B Deal

An autonomous driving startup with its major operations in the US and China is the latest tech company that's set to hit the public markets through a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC). That startup is Plus (formerly, one focused on automated trucking. Plus has agreed to a deal to merge with Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V (NASDAQ: HCIC) and become a public company. The terms of the merger value the self-driving startup at $3.3bn. From its merger, Plus will get $345mn of cash held in trust by HCIC and then a $150mn PIPE round from investors including BlackRock and the D. E. Shaw Group. That sums up to a cool $495mn for the company to fund its operations. The cash from its SPAC merger is crucial for Plus, as a company that plans to kick off mass production of its product this year.  Plus sells a stack of hardware and complementary software to enable automated driving for trucks. Its main customer base is truck manufacturers, such as China's F

SPAC: EV Startup Lordstown Motors Is In Trouble

You may have heard of this story before - an electric car startup launches, then makes very big promises to investors as it sought to go public through a SPAC merger. But, it later turned out that those promises were a sham. In the above short story, that was Nikola , the troubled electric car startup that was the first company to test the waters of the current SPAC boom. Now, that story is likely repeating itself with another company - Lordstown Motors (NASDAQ: RIDE) . In a recent filing to the SEC , Lordstown warned that it doesn't have sufficient capital to fund commercial-scale production of its electric truck. This is despite raising $675mn from its SPAC merger last year. With its admission of lacking capital, Lordstown is definitely in financial trouble if further investment isn't secured. The question is will investors will be willing to give it loads of cash once again? Lordstown's recent admission is just much in contrast with its sentiment at the time of its SPAC

Space: Rocket Trip With Jeff Bezos Sells For $28M

A seat on a planned short space trip by Blue Origin, the aerospace company owned by Amazon's Jeff Bezos, has been auctioned off for a large amount - $28mn . That emerged as the winning bid from a group of 7,600 people across 159 countries. The $28mn bid was won by a yet-to-be-identified person, who will take a short trip to space aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket. He/she will tag along with Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos on the trip to the edge of space. It'll be a short 11-minute trip to suborbital space and back as the first crewed mission undertaken by Blue Origin. It's a critical first space trip with humans aboard since Blue Origin was founded in 2000. The ride aboard Blue Origin's rocket is scheduled for July 20, barely two weeks after Bezos will step down as Amazon's CEO and become Chairman. It seems he has been waiting all this while to relinquish his CEO duties and take a trip to space. Blue Origin's first crewed mission is a thing of p

Covid-19: Novavax Says Vaccine 90% Effective

An American biotech firm working on a vaccine for Covid-19 has announced very positive results from its trials. That firm is Novavax , a reputed vaccine maker that began working on a Covid vaccine late last year. Novavax said its vaccine demonstrated 90.4% efficacy against Covid-19 from a sample of nearly 30k participants in the US and Mexico. At that, it plans to file for authorization with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) later this year. Novavax seems late to the game after successful Covid vaccines for the US have already been developed by Pfizer and Moderna. It's yet to receive authorization at a time when hundreds of millions of Pfizer and Moderna doses have already been sold in the US and abroad. Unlike Moderna and Pfizer, Novavax's Covid vaccine is protein-based rather than the mRNA technology the two companies decided to work with. The use of proteins is a long-established way of making vaccines compared to the mRNA which is new to mass production. There ap

Alert: FDA Approves New Alzheimer's Drug From Biogen

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted a landmark approval for a new drug to treat Alzheimer's , a neurologic disorder that affects millions worldwide. It's the first medication cleared by US regulators to treat the ailment in two decades. The drug granted clearance is  Aduhelm made by Cambridge-based Biogen. It's a branded name for  Aducanumab , a medication that works by removing sticky deposits of a protein called amyloid beta found in the brains of early Alzheimer's patients, with the hopes of reducing the ailment's buildup. As a note, Aduhelm is not a cure for Alzheimer's, but a way to attack what is believed to be an underlying cause in the disease in its early stages. It can't be used to tackle Alzheimer's that has already progressed to later stages. Aduhelm will cost $56k per year to patients.  The FDA clearance for Aduhelm came despite objections from many in the scientific and medical community, where there has been a fierce

Alert: Roblox Faces Major Lawsuit Over Music Rights

Shortly after a very successful public listing, gaming platform Roblox now has a formidable obstacle to face. It's getting sued by a group of music publishers alleging exploitation by their music being used on the Roblox platform without permission or payment. The music group suing Roblox includes Universal Music Publishing, Big Machine Records, and popular DJ Deadmau5. They're represented by the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and seeking at least $200mn in damages. The major allegation against Roblox is that it sells its users the option to insert virtual music players into games they create and that play copyrighted music by artists without compensating writers and copyright holders.  As such, the NMPA asserts that Roblox is enabling piracy with its user base, which skews towards young kids. “Roblox actively preys on its impressionable user base and their desire for popular music, teaching children that pirating music is perfectly acceptable,” the complaint s

Fintech: Sweden's Klarna Raises $640M, Valued At $46B

  Klarna, Europe's premier "buy now, pay later" financing startup has closed a big new round of funding. It's confirmed a $639mn financing round valuing it a whopping $45.6bn. The financing round was led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2, a new investor in the company. Other existing investors including Adit Ventures and WestCap Group also chipped into the round. With a $46bn valuation, Klarna has taken the top spot as the most valuable privately-held tech startup in Europe, according to CB Insights data . Globally, it's the second-most valuable, only beaten by American payments processor  Stripe . A company based out of Sweden, Klarna has built itself into the leading "buy now, pay later" provider globally, beating out Afterpay in Australia and Affirm in America. The company reported $1.1bn in net revenue on a gross merchandise volume of $53bn in 2020. After conquering many markets in Europe, Klarna's major focus is now in the US, where it launched i

Markets: Zoom, Salesforce Invest In's IPO

The stock market devotees of the tech world should be aware of, an Israeli software company that filed for a US IPO last month May. After filing, recently had a successful market debut, with two big names chipping in cash to invest. The two big names are Zoom , the popular video-conferencing software company, and CRM software giant Salesforce . They each bought shares worth $75mn at its IPO price and got a modest paper profit as the company soared 15% on its first trading day. Soaring 15%, the $75mn of shares each bought by Salesforce and Zoom produced a one-day gain of $11.6mn. It's a benefit of being a strategic investor whereas it got to purchase shares at the floor IPO price like the bankers underwriting the listing. Though, the shares purchased by Zoom and Salesforce are subject to lock-up restrictions and can't be sold for a period of 180 days. It means the profit is only on paper for now and could get reversed at the whims of the market.

Crypto: MicroStrategy Offers More Junk Bonds To Buy BTC

There's been one company at the forefront of promoting bitcoin use in the corporate world - MicroStrategy . It's bought a few billion dollars worth of bitcoin, financed by its own cash flow as well as borrowings on the bond market. Now, MicroStrategy is back again on the bond market to raise cash to buy bitcoin. This is despite its own indication of expecting to report an impairment loss of $285mn  in its next earnings report due to fluctuation in the price of bitcoin that it holds. MicroStrategy is selling $500mn worth of high-yield bonds, fondly called junk bonds, to buy bitcoin. The bonds are senior notes due by 2028, with an annual interest of 6.125%. MicroStrategy apparently is dazzled with bitcoin, such that after selling $1.6bn worth of bonds last year to buy it, it's back on the block to sell $500mn more. In fact, it originally planned to sell $400mn but topped $100mn more at the last minute. Buying bitcoin is how MicroStrategy has drawn the attention of many inves