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Samsung Updates Galaxy A Series With 3 New Phones

As expected regularly, Samsung has unveiled the latest addition of smartphones to its product lineup and this time to the Galaxy A series of mid-range premium smartphones. It's unveiled three new smartphones - Galaxy A52 , A52 5G , and A72 . Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy A phones at the Unpacked event usually held by the company, following an earlier one in January where it unveiled the Galaxy S21 Series . A52 and A52 5G The Galaxy A52 is a glossy smartphone with a 6.5-inch, Super AMOLED display and high-resolution cameras of 64MP at the rear and 32MP at the front. It sports a 4,500 mAh battery that Samsung says provides up to two days of battery life for the smartphone. Other features of the A52 include: 4/6/8GB RAM and 128/256GB internal memory versions Samsung's custom Octa-Core (Dual 2.3GHx + Hexa 1.8GHz) processor Support for MicroSD of up to 1TB Infinity-O (near bezel-less) visual display On-screen fingerprint authentication Water resistance Bluetooth connectivity as us

BMW Unveils First All-Electric Sedan, i4

In a move signaling its increasing commitment towards electrification, German luxury carmaker BMW has unveiled what's its first all-electric sedan, the BMW i4 , that's scheduled to hit the roads by the end of this very year. BMW first teased the all-electric i4 concept at the digital-only Geneva Motor Show last year and has now unveiled a production version that closely matches that concept. The i4 is an electric car that'll come in different versions with the highest having a range of around 300 miles and power of around 390kW (roughly 530 horsepower), BMW says. For now, though, BMW hasn't dished out many details on the all-electric i4 but says it'll do so 'over the next weeks.' However, the car's range and power output have been revealed as disclosed above, being two important pieces of information to note. Notably, BMW has said that it'll offer an M Performance model of the i4. Another notable piece of information is that the i4 will use the late

Electric Carmaker Canoo Unveils New Pickup Truck

Fresh off a public listing through a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC), electric car startup Canoo has unveiled what's its third vehicle, this time a bubbly-looking electric pickup truck. Canoo's newly-unveiled electric pickup truck sets the company as a contender in the American electric truck market which is one that's predicted for huge growth over time . Now, Canoo will be getting head-on with the likes of Tesla, Rivian, Ford, and Lordstown Motors to capture market share in the American pickup truck market as it's set to transition towards all-electric models over time. Canoo's new electric pickup truck is pictured above. It measures six feet and can extend to a fully enclosed eight feet to give way for more space, thanks to a pull-out bed extension that's demonstrated in the image below. At its front, Canoo's pickup truck features a cargo storage area that can hold tools or gear and also includes a fold-down worktable with electri

GM Unveils New Chevy Bolt EVs

The American automaker General Motors (GM) is surely stepping up its electric vehicle game on the backs of its plan to spend $27 billion on electric and autonomous vehicle development from 2020 through 2025. It's just unveiled two new additions to its growing electric car lineup, a usual hatchback and a new compact SUV from its popular Chevy Bolt brand. The new electric vehicles from GM are 2022 models, meaning they'll go into production later this year. With the lineup, GM dropped a surprise with a new Chevy Bolt electric utility vehicle (EUV), essentially a compact SUV. It's the first compact SUV to come from the Chevy Bolt brand and represents GM's bigger rush into the electric vehicle market, with plans to launch 30 new EVs by 2025. GM 2022 redesigned Bolt EV (left) and Bolt EUV (right). Chevy Bolt EUV The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is notably the first vehicle from the Chevrolet brand to feature GM's 'Super Cruise' driver assistance system. It's similar

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S21 Series

Samsung has unveiled the latest addition to its Galaxy smartphone lineup: the S21 series consisting of the basic S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra. Respectively, they're priced at $799, $999, and $1,199.  The S21 series will become available to purchase on the 29th of January. S21 Features and Specs of the basic S21 include; A 6.2-inch edge-to-edge display 5G connectivity 10MP front camera and 64MP triple rear cameras 8GB RAM with 128GB / 256GB internal storage 4000mAh battery Fast charging Support for 8K video footage 5nm 64-bit Octa-Core Processor S21+ The Galaxy S21+ is a step-up from the basic S21, with features including: A 6.7-inch edge-to-edge display 5G connectivity 10MP front camera and 64MP triple rear cameras 8GB RAM with 128GB / 256GB internal storage 4800mAh battery Fast charging Support for 8K video footage 5nm 64-bit Octa-Core Processor S21 Ultra The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most premium version of the S21 series, costing $1,199. Its features include: A 6.8-inch edge-to-edge d

Microsoft Unveils New Surface Pro Tablet

Microsoft has unveiled the latest addition to its lineup of Surface Pro tablets; the Surface Pro 7+ . The new tablet is targeted at business and education customers and will be available in select markets later this month.  The Surface Pro 7+ features 11th Gen Intel Core Processors for high performance and has a battery life of up to 15 hours, Microsoft says.  Targeted at business and education customers and particularly in a time that's accelerated the need for remote work, the Surface Pro 7+ features front and rear-facing cameras with 1080p full HD video as well as Dolby Atmos speakers and dual far-field Studio Microphones for good audio. Other features of the Surface Pro 7+ include; Having both USB-A and USB-C ports Wi-Fi or LTE Advanced configuration Adaptability to dock into external displays 128GB SSD Lightweight, 23% lighter than its predecessor The Surface Pro 7+ tablet comes in four main options: Intel Core i3/8GB RAM/128 GB storage/WiFi, costing $900 Intel Core i5/8GB RAM

Apple Debuts 'AirPods Max' Headphones

The tech giant Apple has introduced yet another gadget, this time new wireless headphones named "AirPods Max" which it touts as bringing "the magic of AirPods to an over-ear design with high-fidelity sound". The new AirPods Max is one of the few headphones released under the Apple brand and is priced at $549. The AirPods Max packs features including noise cancellation; a "Transparency Mode" that lets users simultaneously listen to music while hearing the environment around them; voice commands via Siri; and the ability to sense and pause music once the headphones are removed or when the user simply lifts one ear cup. The AirPods Max is fitted with the powerful Apple-designed H1 chip. It provides battery life of up to 20 hours after a full charge, Apple says.  The AirPods Max have been made available for sale already, starting at $549. It's more than double the cost of AirPods Pro ($249) and nearly four-times the cost of the basic AirPods ($159).  The r

Varjo Unveils New VR/XR Headsets

The Finnish virtual reality startup Varjo has announced the launch of two new headsets, one a virtual reality headset named VR-3 , and the other an extended reality (a compromise between virtual and augmented reality) headset named XR-3 .  The new headsets are professional-grade and PC-tethered, made for use in industrial settings just like Varjo's previous headsets. The VR-3 and XR-3 headsets both have features including a 115° field of view, integrated eye and hand tracking, a refresh rate of 90 Hz, a 3-point precision fit headband, and 40% lighter weight compared to its predecessor. The XR-3 notably features Lidar sensors that makes it function as both a virtual and augmented reality headset, hence the XR name. The VR-3 and XR-3 headsets both have sharp screens, each using two panels for each eye: a small 1920 x 1920 display for center vision and a 2880 x 2720 for the rest of the screen. Notably, those are some of the sharpest screens that can be found in current VR and AR heads

Ford Unveils New Electric Van

  Photo credit: Ford American automaker Ford has unveiled a new all-electric version of its popular Transit cargo van, this time the E-Transit van that's priced at $45,000 and is set for release in late 2021. The E-Transit van will deliver an estimated range of 126 miles, according to Ford, and feature fast-charging that can deliver 45 miles of range in as low as 15 minutes. To keep intact the cargo capacity for the electric version of the Transit van, Ford has intuitively placed its battery underneath the vehicle's body, giving way for 487.3 cubic feet of internal cargo space. The automaker says it's targeting a maximum payload of up to 4,290 pounds for the E-Transit van, which is differentiated by three roof height and three body length versions that customers can pick from. Photo credit: Ford The unveiling of a new electric van falls under Ford's commitment to invest $11.5 billion in electrification through the year 2022. Before now, the company had unveiled electr

BMW Unveils iX Electric SUV

  Photo credit: BMW Automaker BMW has unveiled the BMW iX , an electric SUV that'll go into production in the second half of next year and come up for sale in early 2022. BMW says the new SUV will have a driving range of over 300 miles (480 km) and will be able to accelerate from o to 100km/h in under 5 seconds. Like many other electric vehicles, the BMW iX will feature fast-charging technology, whereas BMW says its battery should be able to go from 10% to 80% in under 40 minutes of charging. Photo credit: BMW The BMW iX feels similar to other BMW SUVs, with a length and width that's similar to the BMW X5, a height that's very close to the BMW X6, and wheels that are very similar to that of the BMW X7.  Inside, the BMW iX gives the usual luxurious ambience that's found in other BMW vehicles. It's spacious and features displays and controls that are stripped down to the essentials. The iX is the first true long-range electric vehicle to be produced by BMW given the a

Apple Debuts New Mac Mini

  Photo credit: Apple Apple has unveiled three new additions to its lineup of Mac computers, a new MacBook Air , MacBook Pro , and Mac Mini. The three new additions are notable for featuring the Apple M1 chip, which is the first chip built by Apple specifically for the Mac and is the company's most powerful chip ever. Thanks to the M1, the new Mac Mini packs very high performance in a compact design. Per Apple, the new Mac mini performs up to 3x faster and delivers graphics up to 6x faster than its predecessor. Apple says it runs machine learning workloads up to 15x faster than previous Mac Minis, giving way for applications that make use of machine learning to run much faster.  Per Apple, the new Mac Mini performs better than its predecessor in these ways; Compile code in Xcode up to 3x faster.  Play a graphics-intensive game with up to 4x higher frame rates.  Render a complex timeline in Final Cut Pro up to 6x faster.  Take music production to new levels by using up to 3x as many

Apple Debuts New MacBook Pro

  Photo credit: Apple On Wednesday, Apple unveiled its most powerful chip ever, the M1 chip that's designed specifically for the Mac. Packing 16 billion transistors, it's the first processor that Apple has built specifically for its Mac lineup of computers. As such, Apple has unveiled three new additions to the Mac lineup that feature the M1 chip; a new MacBook Air , a new Mac Mini, and a new MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Pro is the most powerful ever thanks to the M1 chip. Per Apple's words, it's up to 2.8x faster and delivers graphics of up to 5x faster than its predecessor. It does well in battery life, with up to 17 hours of wireless web browsing and 20 hours of video playback after a full-charge, per Apple. Per Apple, the new MacBook Pro performs better than the previous generation in these ways; Build code in Xcode up to 2.8x faster. Render a complex 3D title in Final Cut Pro up to 5.9x faster.  Fluidly design intricate game scenes in Unity Editor up to 3.5x faste

Apple Debuts New MacBook Air

  Photo credit: Apple Just a short while after debuting the iPhone 12 , Apple is back yet again with the debut of a new MacBook Air, this time a new MacBook Air that features the newly-unveiled Apple M1 chip. The M1 is the most powerful chip that Apple has ever created and is designed specifically for the Mac. It's made up of an astounding 16 billion transistors, the highest number of transistors Apple has ever put into a chip. The new MacBook Air does well in battery life, with up to 18 hours of video playback and 15 hours of wireless web browsing after a full charge, per Apple's statement. It features Apple's latest image signal processor on the M1 chip that caters to high-quality camera footage. Compared to its predecessor, the new MacBook Air performs up to 3.5x faster thanks to an 8-core CPU and delivers graphics up to 5x faster thanks to an 8-core GPU. On the new MacBook Air, machine learning workloads are up to 9x faster compared to its predecessor, giving way for a

DJI Debuts The Mini 2

  Photo credit: DJI Drone maker DJI has debuted the successor to the popular Mavic Mini drone, this time unveiling a drone with a maximum transmission range of 10km, a 150% increase compared to its predecessor, and up to 31 minutes of flight time, with the ability to withstand wind speeds of up to 24mph. The new Mini 2 as it's named features the iconic folding design that makes moving around with the drone fairly easy. The new Mini 2 is capable of recording 12-megapixel images and a maximum video resolution of 4K/30fps @100 Mbps. It's able to fly backward and upward and track subjects via its camera. Now, with the Mini 2, a cell phone can be connected directly to the drone without the need for a remote controller.   Photo credit: DJI  Like other DJI drones, the Mini 2 packs safety features such as geo-fencing to keep drones away from sensitive areas like airports and a 'Return to Home' option that can be activated to take the drone back to the originating position of

Apple Working On New AirPods: Report

Photo credit: Apple Apple is working on two new AirPods models; a third-generation entry-level version and the second version of the AirPods Pro earbuds, according to a report [paywalled] by Bloomberg . The entry-level AirPods as it name suggests is one that'll likely be cheaper compared to other AirPods but will assumedly not have higher-end features like others. Apple is working to make a new AirPods Pro that'll be more compact by getting rid of the short stem that currently sticks out of the bottom, Bloomberg reports. The design in testing is said to be that of a round shape that'll better stick to users' ears without the need of a supporting handle, a design that's currently adopted by the competing Samsung Galaxy Buds. Apple is said to be considering launching the new AirPods in the first half of next year. Apple has seen huge success from the AirPods since it launched the product in 2016. Although the company doesn't disclose revenue figures solely for th

GM Unveils The Hummer EV

Photo credit: GM American automaker General Motors (GM) has unveiled an all-electric make of its popular Hummer brand of rugged trucks, this time named the GMC Hummer EV . The new truck is the first fully electric addition to the GMC brand of vehicles and is one that'll be powered by the new 'Ultium' batteries made by General Motors and draw its power from the new 'Ultium Drive' electric motors. The new Hummer EV will provide an estimated 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque for driving. Among its notable features include an underbody armor consisting of sturdy steel plates that are strategically placed around the vehicle's battery pack; new front and rear underbody cameras that'll help drivers to navigate obstacles both on and off-road; a 4 wheel steer system; and an 800-volt DC public fast-charging system. Photo credit: GM Photo credit: GM The GMC Hummer EV will have a range of 350 miles on a full charge. Production of the new vehicle is scheduled

Beats Debuts $50 Wireless Earbuds

  Beats Flex Photo credit: Beats Electronics Beats Electronics, the consumer audio products manufacturer owned by Apple, has debuted what counts as its cheapest-ever product, a $50 wireless headphones that's touted as "Apple tech meets Beats sound". The new low-priced wireless headphones is one that packs a 12-hour battery life, an upgraded microphone for enhanced sound, and USB-C charging compatibility in a simplistic design. As expected, the $50 Beats Flex headphones features Bluetooth connectivity to cater to wireless use. Along with a strong 12-hour battery life for the Beats Flex comes fast charging, in this case Apple's dubbed 'Fast Fuel' charging where a 10-minute charge gives 1.5 hours of playback.  Kit with Class 1 Bluetooth technology (66–98 ft), the Beats Flex offers an extended wireless range and fewer dropouts when connected to external devices. Like similar wireless headphones, it can be operated with on-device controls, compatible with both the

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Cashing Out: Jeff Bezos Sells $2.5B Of Amazon Stock

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has continued his routine selling of Amazon shares to fund his other escapades. For a few years now, he's had an arranged trading plan that sees him regularly sell Amazon stock worth billions of dollars. Jeff Bezos' latest sell-off is of 739,000 Amazon shares worth around $2.5bn, SEC filings show. Another separate filing indicated that he plans to sell as many as 2 million shares that could net him nearly $7bn at current prices. This latest share sell-off from Bezos is noteworthy as one of his last in his position as Amazon's CEO which he's handing off soon to a top lieutenant named Andy Jassy. Jassy is currently CEO of AWS, Amazon's very profitable cloud computing division. Usually, a CEO offloading large amounts of stock in a company he leads draws some displeasure from investors, but as Jeff Bezos would soon no longer be Amazon's CEO, it opens up opportunities to sell larger amounts of shares than usual if the desires. Amazon's

EVs: Ford, BMW Co-Invest In An EV Battery Startup

It's currently of no doubt that electric vehicles represent the future for the automobile market, and many automakers have taken heed to that. Tens of billions of dollars in spending have been earmarked for the R&D and production of electric vehicles by global automakers, with efforts spanning battery development, building new factories, charging stations et al. Now, two of the world's biggest automakers, BMW and Ford, have jointly invested in a startup working on battery technology for electric vehicles. That startup is Solid Power, a Colorado-based startup developing solid-state batteries for EVs. Details: Solid Power has raised a $130 million Series B round  co-led by Ford and BMW. The two automakers were joined by green-focused venture fund Volta Energy Technologies in the round. As part of the strategic round, Ford and BMW have expanded their joint agreements with Solid Power to develop solid-state batteries for their use. In a way, the two automakers are funding and o

Is Apple Brewing A Major Digital Health Play?

That Apple has high ambitions in the digital health space isn't foreign news to anyone following the moves of the company. In fact, its CEO Tim Cook once referred to health as Apple's “greatest contribution to mankind.” Apple's main health product is the Apple Watch for which health represents a major use case and a selling point. The latest Apple Watch series has key health features including the ability to measure ECG (electrocardiogram) and oxygen saturation level in the blood. With all its grand ambitions, the reality is that Apple is progressing very well in the digital health space but yet hasn't gotten a big foothold in it like it's done in other markets. There still exists a large gap for Apple to conquer to make waves in the digital health market and the company seems much hell-bent on covering that gap. Details: A certain revelation has come out that details Apple's grand plans in the health sector, and it's that of a UK startup working on next-ge

Big Pay: AT&T Shareholders Vote Against Execs Pay

To bring back one of our most favorite sayings, "America is the land of many things, including very enormous executive pay". Executives of publicly-traded companies in the US are familiar with very large compensation packages on a scale not seen in other countries, take recent examples including Palantir CEO Alex Karp landing a $1.1 billion payday  and former T-Mobile CEO John Legere getting a $137 million severance pay . But with all the large executive pay packages flying around, it appears that the shareholders of one public company are not okay with it and that company is telecoms giant AT&T.  Details: AT&T in a statement  revealed that the majority of its shareholders voted not in favor of the compensation of its executive officers in 2020. Just under 49% of votes were cast in favor of the compensation, leaving the remaining majority 51%, not in favor.  Last year, AT&T had large pay packages for its top brass including $21 million for CEO John Stankey and $52

Deal: Verizon Sells Yahoo And AOL To PE Firm For $5B

Telecoms giant Verizon has found a buyer for its Verizon Media Unit which includes veteran internet properties like Yahoo and AOL, and that buyer is a major private equity firm. To note, though Yahoo and AOL have long faded from their glory days, they aren't exactly dead properties but ones still with a great deal of users bringing in a few billion in revenue annually. Details: Verizon has struck a deal to sell 90% of Verizon Media to private equity firm Apollo which will pay $5 billion for it, while Verizon retains a  10%  minority stake in the business. The deal takes off many internet properties off Verizon's hands, including bigger ones like Yahoo and smaller ones like technology news site TechCrunch operating under the AOL umbrella. Though it's selling for a seemingly huge price of $5 billion, Verizon paid a combined $9 billion to buy the web properties making up its Verizon Media unit so it doesn't come out on top financially from the sale.  Verizon paid $4.4bn t

Germany's SAP Fined $8M For Violating Iran Sanctions

SAP, the German software giant, has agreed to pay a fine in the US for violating sanctions imposed by the country on conducting business in Iran. It'll pay over $8 million in fines after admitting to handling thousands of exports of its software to Iran violating US law. Details: SAP admitted to exporting US-origin software to Iran beginning in 2010 up until 2017. The exports including delivering software upgrades and patches more than 20,000 times to Iranian users and offering Iranian users access to US-based cloud services. As charged, executives at SAP were aware that the company didn't have geolocation protections to block downloads of its US-origin software in Iran and turned a blind eye to the situation.  SAP was also charged with neglecting to put in place adequate export control for cloud services made by some US-based companies that it acquired and integrated into its software suite. For the charges, SAP admitted guilt and reached a  Non-Prosecution Agreement with the

IPO: Cybersecurity Startup Darktrace Debuts On UK Markets

A major cybersecurity startup from the UK has held an initial public offering (IPO) and debuted to positive investor fanfare on the domestic public markets. That startup is Darktrace, a fast-growing cybersecurity startup founded by a team of mathematicians in collaboration with British intelligence agencies in 2013. Darktrace sells cyber-defense software that's claimed to harness artificial intelligence in spotting and managing cyber threats. It listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol "DARK". By the numbers: Darktrace debuted to positive investor fanfare that saw its shares soar by 40% on its first day of trading. It raised £143 million ($198m) from the public float at a valuation of £1.7 billion ($2.3bn) which soared to almost £2.4 billion ($3.3bn) on its debut trading day. Darktrace's IPO prospectus reports $199 million in revenue in its most recent fiscal year ending June 30, 2020. This was up from $137 million in the previous year, 2019, and $79 mill

Earnings: Pfizer Rakes In Cash From COVID Vaccine

Pfizer, one of the few pharmaceutical companies worldwide to produce an approved Covid-19 vaccine, has unveiled its earnings report for the first quarter of this year. As usual, the report provides a solid peek into the company's financials and with very noteworthy nuggets this time around. One key nugget from Pfizer's earnings report is that the company brought in $3.5bn in revenue from its Covid-19 vaccine in Q1' 21. It made up nearly a fourth of the company's total $14.6bn revenue for the period. The Covid vaccine was the biggest single source of revenue for Pfizer in the quarter. It's definitely a good time for the company in that regard, as it elected to keep the profit from the sale of its vaccines unlike some of its competitors which volunteered to waive off any profit-seeking from their vaccines. Unlike some of its competitors also, Pfizer didn't take money from the US government to fund the development of its vaccine under the Trump administration'

Earnings: Covid Vaccines Deliver Big Sales, Profit For Moderna

Moderna was among the few biotech companies that saved the day with the development of an emergency-authorized vaccine to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. It was a breakthrough for the company, which was before then a cancer-fighting moonshot with minimal revenues and no working product. Being a publicly-traded company, Moderna is mandated to release quarterly earnings reports to the public and it has done so this time around, releasing its financial results for the first quarter of this year 2021. Moderna's latest earnings report shows that of a company that saw big success from its Covid vaccines, as it reported record revenue and its first-ever net profit as a public company. By the numbers: Moderna made $1.9bn in revenue in Q1' 21, compared to a paltry $8mn for the same quarter in 2020. The revenue came wholly from Covid vaccine sales in the US and foreign markets. Moderna reported a huge net income of $1.2bn in the quarter, compared to a net loss of $124mn for the same perio

Court Docs: Fortnite Maker Epic Made $15B In 2018-2020

Fortnite maker Epic Games is having a court battle with Apple over the latter's App Store practices and that battle has led to several documents coming out of the shadows with valuable information about Epic Games not publicly known before.  Among the information revealed in court proceedings between Epic and Apple is the sheer scale of Epic's revenue largely gotten from its hit game Fortnite . Official documents indicate that Epic Games made respective annual sales of $5.6bn, $4.2bn, and $5.1bn in 2018, 2019, and 2020, summing up to just shy of $15bn. Epic's revenue in 2018 and 2019 was revealed in financial documents made public as part of its court battle with Apple while its revenue for 2020 was separately revealed in a court testimony by Epic CEO Tim Sweeney. The vast majority of Epic's revenue comes from Fortnite while its other products like the Unreal Engine and the Epic Games Store bring in a minority of revenues. Specifically, Fortnite brought in $5.5bn a