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Redfin To Buy Online Rentals Company RentPath For $608M

Redfin, the publicly-traded online real estate brokerage, has sealed a deal to buy RentPath, a company that owns a handful of popular online rentals properties including , , and . Redfin will pay $608 million in cash for RentPath, buying it from its current owners which are the private equity firms TPG Capital and Providence Equity Partners. The recent years have been turbulent for RentPath, which filed for bankruptcy protection last year in February and then agreed to a $588 million takeover from the real estate software and analytics giant CoStar Group. However, CoStar backed out from the takeover deal in December 2020 after the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued to block the sale, with both companies now haggling over a breakup fee  that RentPath says it's entitled to. After its failed proposed sale to CoStar, RentPath has now gotten a slightly bigger $608 million takeover offer from Redfin and accepted it.  Redfin pitches its purcha

CrowdStrike Buys London Startup Humio For $400M

CrowdStrike, the publicly-traded cybersecurity company, has made a new big acquisition, this time one from the UK startup sector with a deal to buy Humio , a startup that makes software used for log management and monitoring for security purposes. CrowdStrike will pay $400 million for Humio in a deal that's expected to close at the end of Q1 2021. The $400 million price tag for Humio will mostly be paid with cash while equity awards with CrowdStrike stock account for the rest. The exact split between cash and stock for the deal isn't disclosed. A $400 million exit for Humio marks a big and notable one for the UK startup scene, where exits of this size aren't often seen as in the US. More so, Humio is a barely five-year-old startup founded in 2016, making a $400 million sale to CrowdStrike very lucrative given its short period of existence. Humio is a venture-backed startup that's raised some $32 million in outside funding. Its investors include the likes of Accel and De

US DOJ Seeks More Info On Salesforce's Slack Purchase

In December 2020, Salesforce reached a landmark deal to buy the workplace collaboration software company Slack for a whopping $27.7 billion, marking the company's biggest-ever acquisition since its inception. Although agreed to, the Slack purchase hasn't been completed, still subject to customary due diligence and regulatory approval. Now, it appears that US regulators are gazing into Salesforce's mega-deal to buy Slack with deeper eyes, with the United States Justice Department now demanding that both Salesforce and Slack provide "additional information and documentary material" related to their merger. The demand came from the Justice Department's Antitrust division. Demanding for additional information related to a business deal in what's usually referred to as a “Second Request” isn't out of the norm, but usually signals higher-than-normal scrutiny of a deal. Even, with a $27.7 billion acquisition on the table, it's likely to be expected. Sale

Warner Music Buys Stake In Saudi Record Label Rotana Music

The record label giant Warner Music Group (WMG) has purchased a stake in Saudi Arabian music label Rotana Music, which is owned by the billionaire businessman Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud as part of his entertainment company Rotana Media Group. Rotana is known to be the largest entertainment company in the Arab World and was acquired by its Saudi business tycoon owner back in 2003. The exact stake that Warner Music has purchased in Rotana isn't disclosed along with the financial details of the deal. The deal is targeted at expanding Warner Music's presence in the Middle East and North African region, where Rotana has a handful of famous artists signed. Rotana Music has stars under its roster such as Mohamad Abdo of Saudi Arabia and Amr Diab of Egypt. The music label is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and has other branches in Jeddah, Dubai, Kuwait City, Beirut, and Cairo. Warner Music Group officially launched a Middle East division in 2018, covering 17 markets across the

CoStar Pumps CoreLogic Bid To $6.9B

The real estate software and analytics giant CoStar has pumped up its bid for data provider CoreLogic to $95.76 and 0.1019 shares of CoStar per CoreLogic share, summing up to a total price of $6.9 billion. The pumped-up bid comes after CoStar earlier made a bid to buy CoreLogic for $6.7 billion  but got rebuffed for a lower-priced offer ($6 billion) from the private equity firms Stone Point Capital and Insight Partners. Now, CoStar is apparently hoping that adding $200 million to its earlier $6.7 billion bid will entice CoreLogic and its shareholders to sell to it and not the private equity firms that the company has already reached an agreement to sell to. Obviously, CoStar is not happy that CoreLogic is rebuffing it for a lower-priced deal and has penned a letter  to CoreLogic's shareholders asserting that the company's agreement to sell to private equity groups "indicates a failure to appropriately value the synergies of our [CoStar's] proposal as a strategic bidder

Zillow Buys Home Tours Site ShowingTime For $500M

The publicly-traded real estate marketplace Zillow has made a big new purchase - the home tours booking site ShowingTime . Zillow will pay $500 million to buy ShowingTime, marking a big exit for the company which was founded over two decades ago. ShowingTime provides an easy way for real estate agents to schedule home tours with customers at their properties. The company says over 50 million home tours were booked on its platform in 2020 alone. With ShowingTime, Zillow is getting a service that's very crucial to its real estate business. Already, many of the agents that list properties on Zillow use ShowingTime to schedule home tours so there's already a close association between both companies. After the acquisition is completed, Zillow says that it'll continue to maintain ShowingTime as a separate platform. ShowingTime is Zillow's second-biggest acquisition to date, after its splashy purchase of the competing real estate platform Trulia in 2015. By count, it's Zil

EA Buys Games Maker Glu Mobile For $2.1B

After sealing a deal to buy the UK-based game developer Codemasters in December, the American gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) is back with another big acquisition, this time Glu Mobile , a publicly-traded mobile games developer that's behind popular titles like Covet Fashion and Design Home .  EA will pay $12.50 per share for Glu Mobile, summing up to $2.1 billion in total. Combined with Glu's current cash balance of $364 million, the deal sums up to $2.4 billion. EA's acquisition price represents a 36% premium to Glu's closing share price on Friday, the 5th of February 2020. With Glu, EA will be getting a mobile gaming powerhouse with more than 100 million monthly active players across its games. Combined, EA's and Glu's mobile games will have produced $1.3 billion in bookings over the last 12 months. Glu has a team of 800 employees that'll join EA following the completion of its acquisition. 500 of its employees are developers, a significant talent bas

Box Buys E-Signature Startup SignRequest For $55M

Box, the publicly-traded cloud storage company, has announced its intent to buy SignRequest, a startup whose core product is a cloud-based electronic signature service. Box will pay $55 million to buy the startup, after which its e-signature services will be integrated into Box's software stack. After the acquisition, SignRequest's team is expected to take on new roles at Box. That Box is buying SignRequest doesn't come as a surprise given that e-signature software is one of the major tools offered by companies like Box that provides software for online file storage and collaboration. Box has been lacking an e-signature feature before now but will now be getting one thanks to SignRequest. Coughing up $55 million to get an e-signature feature doesn't seem cheap but has apparently been decided to be worth it by Box's management led by CEO Aaron Levie. SignRequest is a Netherlands-based startup so the $55 million price marks a good one by the country's startup exi

Uber Buys Alcohol Delivery App Drizly For $1.1B

The ride-hailing giant Uber has reached an agreement to buy Drizly, a popular on-demand alcohol delivery app, for $1.1 billion in cash and stock, according to a press statement . With Drizly, Uber is getting a leading on-demand alcohol marketplace in the US that'll be integrated into the Uber Eats app. A $1.1 billion exit represents a very lucrative one for Drizly, a startup that's backed by roughly $120 million in venture funding. The company's last funding round was a $50 million Series C raised in August 2020. As it looks, Uber has its eyes set on expansion and has taken acquisitions as a way to do that. Under the leadership of its CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, the company made splashy acquisitions including a $2.65 billion deal for the food delivery app Postmates and a  $3.1 billion deal  for the Middle East ride-hailing app Careem. Uber's acquisitions have focused on its core businesses of ride-hailing and food delivery as it's worked to shed other non-core business

UK Probes Uber's Autocab Acquisition

The UK's antitrust agency is back again with another probe into an American tech company looking to tie up with one of its own, this time Uber's acquisition of Autocab, a startup that develops booking and dispatch software for taxi operators. Uber reached a deal to buy Autocab in August 2020 for an undisclosed sum. Now, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has said that it's investigating Uber's proposed acquisition of Autocab to see if it'll result in "substantial lessening of competition" in the UK transport market. Given that Autocab is based in the UK, opposition from the country's antitrust agency could sour Uber's proposed acquisition. As it works, the UK's antitrust agency has begun the first phase of its investigation into Uber's Autocab deal. It'll then conduct its probes and decide if it'll proceed into a second and final phase of its investigation. Under stipulated laws, a company facing the first phase o

Workday Buys Danish Startup Peakon For $700M

Workday, the publicly-traded HR software company, has reached a deal to buy Peakon, an employee feedback platform. The company will pay $700 million in cash for Peakon, a press statement notes. A $700 million exit marks a big one for Peakon, a startup that's backed by $68 million in venture funding. It represents the second-biggest acquisition that Workday has ever made in its history. Obviously, a software platform for employee feedback fits very well into Workday's market of HR software. Since its inception, Workday has expanded significantly with acquisitions, more than a dozen of them. The company's biggest purchase was when it paid $1.55 billion for Adaptive Insights in 2018. Peakon is notably a European company based in Denmark. As such, a $700 million exit is one of the biggest startup exits to emerge from Denmark. Peakon is mainly backed by European investors such as Atomico, EQT Ventures, and Balderton Capital. Workday's purchase of Peakon is expected to be c

SAP Buys Signavio, Reportedly For $1.2B

The German software giant SAP has made its first acquisition of 2021, Signavio, a German enterprise software company. The price of the acquisition wasn't formally disclosed, but a Bloomberg report  pegged it at up to 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion). Signavio makes process management software for companies to keep track of their daily workflows. It's a decade-old company, backed by $230 million in venture funding. Its backers include DTCP, Apax Digital, and Summit Partners. Signavio is the first acquisition by SAP this year and a big one given its reported price of $1.2 billion. It's acquisition comes just as SAP is spinning off one of its biggest acquisitions, Qualtrics, into a separate publicly-traded company. SAP paid $8 billion for Qualtrics in 2019 and has seen fit to take it public two years later. Notably, Qualtrics was already on its way to a public offering before SAP acquired it. SAP's Signavio purchase is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

Shell Buys UK EV Charging Network Ubitricity

The British-Dutch oil giant Shell has announced that it's reached a definitive agreement to buy Ubitricity, the largest public electric vehicle charging network in the UK with over 2,700 charge points. The company is paying an undisclosed price to buy Ubitricity in its entirety. As it seems, even oil giants like Shell have seen the writing on the wall that renewable energy leads the future. The company, famous for pumping nearly 4 million barrels of oil each day, has moved to buy a major  electric vehicle charging network to strengthen its position in the renewables market. Shell already operates a large network of petrol filling stations for automobiles in the UK and abroad. With the rise of electric vehicles, it's apparent that the need for public charging stations will continue to rise to fill in the gap for petrol filling stations. Shell has apparently adjusted its strategy towards that and now moved to acquie a major  electric vehicle charging network in Europe. Ubitricit

RuneScape Maker Jagex Sells To US Private Equity Firm

Jagex, a British gaming studio and publisher that's best known for its  RuneScape  MMORPG game, has been sold to the American private equity firm The Carlyle Group, a press statement from the firm indicates. While the price of the sale wasn't officially disclosed, a report from The Daily Telegraph pegs the deal at $530 million+. A Jagex acquisition is a landmark one for The Carlyle Group, a well-known and major private equity firm but one that isn't known for dabbling in the gaming sector. It's in fact the first gaming studio that  The Carlyle Group has ever acquired. The Carlyle Group is a major investor in technology companies globally and has thus continued its streak with the acquisition of a major British gaming studio. Jagex in this case  is a studio with a very popular game, RuneScape, which it claims has almost 300 million player accounts and has achieved over $1 billion in lifetime revenue. Jagex employs more than 450 people in the UK. Its reported acquisitio

Uber Trims Postmates Workforce; CEO To Depart

After acquiring its rival food delivery app Postmates in December, Uber appears to have moved to trim the company's workforce as it consolidates its operations. The company laid off 185 Postmates staff on Thursday,  The New York Times reports , with the layoffs being part of a broader shift that'll also see most of Postmates' executive team depart, including its CEO Bastian Lehmann. According to the Times, some Postmates vice presidents and other executives will leave with multi-million-dollar exit compensation packages whereas some rank and file employees may see reduced compensation packages. The 185 laid-off employees sum up to 15% of Postmates' total headcount. As it looks, while Uber has said that Postmates will remain a separate brand, much of the infrastructure behind the food delivery service and Uber's own Uber Eats service will be run by Uber's long-time Vice President of Delivery,  Pierre Dimitri Gore-Coty .  The most noteworthy news from the Times&

GlobalWafers Boosts Siltronic Takeover Bid To $5.3B

In November, the Taiwanese semiconductor wafer company GlobalWafers made an offer to acquire its German rival Siltronic for 125 Euros ($149.70) per share, a price that amounted to about  3.75 billion Euros ($4.5 billion) when the deal was announced. After GlobalWafers proposed its offer, Siltronic shortly after accepted , clinching one of the biggest deals in the semiconductor industry as of late.  Now, GlobalWafers has apparently seen fit to sweeten its takeover bid for Siltronic and boosted the proposed price from 125 euros per share to 145 euros ($176.53) per share, adding up to a price of $5.3 billion. It's a 16% increase from the previous price and a 28% premium to Siltronic's closing price on November 27, the day GlobalWafers formally announced its takeover offer for the company. As it looks, Siltronic's management team and board are cheering up to GlobalWafers' sweetened offer, stating that the company "considers the tender offer attractive". A $5.3 bil

Tastytrade Sells For $1B; 2nd Big Exit For Founder

Tastytrade is a popular platform that provides financial media and content for investors and traders as well as provides a platform for its users to trade options and derivatives. Now, it's the latest fintech startup to head for a big exit with a $1 billion sale to the British electronic trading company IGN Group. Tastytrade will be joining IGN in a deal valued at $1 billion net of cash held by Tastytrade. The price is split into $300 million in cash and the remainder with IGN stock. It represents a lucrative exit for Tastytrade which is backed by some $47 million in venture funding. Apparently, IGN, a British company that provides options and derivatives trading and brokerage services for professional investors, is betting that the appeal of retail investors that Tastytrade targets will boost its business. It's agreed to pay a big $1 billion for a company with more than 105,000 active trading accounts that'll then fall under its control. Tastytrade's $1 billion sale r

Coinbase Buys Crypto Startup Bison Trails

Coinbase, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, has confirmed that it's reached a deal to acquire Bison Trails, a startup that provides software infrastructure for blockchain and crypto companies. Bison Trails' platform helps power critical infrastructure for crypto exchanges, custodians, and funds. The financial terms of Coinbase's latest acquisition weren't disclosed. But for a hint, rumors have it that it's Coinbase's biggest-ever acquisition and before now, Coinbase's biggest acquisition was known to be the crypto trading company Tagomi, for a reported $75 million+. Bison Trails is backed by some $31 million in venture funding, with one of its investors being Coinbase. Other notable investors in the company include Initialized Capital, Blockchain Capital, Galaxy Digital, and Kleiner Perkins. Bison Trails was founded in 2018 as a platform to make it easier for crypto companies to power their crypto services and applications. With its infrastructure, cry

Wattpad Sells For $600M+ To South Korea's Naver

Wattpad, the popular social storytelling platform, is the latest Canadian startup to get a big exit, having just been sold to the South Korean search engine and internet services giant Naver. Naver has agreed to pay over $600 million in cash and stock to buy Wattpad, a press statement from the company notes. The acquisition of Wattpad is strategic to Naver and will see the popular story publishing site aligned with Naver's own Korean-focused publishing portal Webtoon. Together, Wattpad and Webtoon will have a global monthly audience of 160 million people, Naver says. A $600 million+ exit represents a good price-wise exit for Wattpad, a company that's backed by a total of $118 million  in venture funding. Investors in the company that'll see significant returns from Wattpad's sale include Khosla Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, Kickstart Ventures, and the Chinese tech giant Tencent. Upon the completion of its sale, Wattpad will continue to be headquartered in Canada where

Vista Buys Wrike For $800M, Flips For $2.25B To Citrix

In 2018, the tech-focused private equity firm Vista Equity Partners bought a majority stake in the project management software company Wrike for a reported $800 million. Now, just under three years later, it's flipped the company for a price of $2.25 billion, nearly triple what it paid for it. The software giant Citrix was the acquirer. Citrix has entered into a definitive agreement to buy Wrike for $2.25 billion in cash, clinching a sweet profit for Vista. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the first half of 2021. Wrike as a company was founded in 2006 and bootstrapped for a few years before taking venture funding later on. Prior to being acquired by Vista in an $800 million deal, the company had raised a relatively paltry  $26 million in venture funding. With a big exit to Vista, it continued to grow and ended 2020 with a $140 million annual run rate and says it expects a 30% jump to between $180 million and $190 million this year. To help fund Wrike's acquisiti

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Warren Buffett Makes A Rare Startup Bet, In Brazil

Warren Buffett is a legendary investor, one known for making a huge fortune from buying and selling stakes in many companies. Via his firm, Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett has led investments in many companies across many industries. Though, in his long investing career, Buffett has largely shied away from one area - tech startups and companies. Paraphrasing his own words, it's because he "didn't understand it".  As time has progressed, Buffett has somewhat become friendly with tech investments, starting with bigger names like Apple and IBM, and then Paytm , India's premier fintech startup. Now, in his latest tech bet, Buffett's Berkshire has ventured into Brazil to the country's premier fintech startup, just like it did in India.  Berkshire has bought a $500mn stake  in Nubank , a premier neobank and the largest fintech startup in Brazil and Latin America at large. The investment is part of a $750mn round for the company at a reported valuation of $30bn.  At

SPAC: Self-Driving Startup Plus To Go Public In $3.3B Deal

An autonomous driving startup with its major operations in the US and China is the latest tech company that's set to hit the public markets through a merger with a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC). That startup is Plus (formerly, one focused on automated trucking. Plus has agreed to a deal to merge with Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V (NASDAQ: HCIC) and become a public company. The terms of the merger value the self-driving startup at $3.3bn. From its merger, Plus will get $345mn of cash held in trust by HCIC and then a $150mn PIPE round from investors including BlackRock and the D. E. Shaw Group. That sums up to a cool $495mn for the company to fund its operations. The cash from its SPAC merger is crucial for Plus, as a company that plans to kick off mass production of its product this year.  Plus sells a stack of hardware and complementary software to enable automated driving for trucks. Its main customer base is truck manufacturers, such as China's F

SPAC: EV Startup Lordstown Motors Is In Trouble

You may have heard of this story before - an electric car startup launches, then makes very big promises to investors as it sought to go public through a SPAC merger. But, it later turned out that those promises were a sham. In the above short story, that was Nikola , the troubled electric car startup that was the first company to test the waters of the current SPAC boom. Now, that story is likely repeating itself with another company - Lordstown Motors (NASDAQ: RIDE) . In a recent filing to the SEC , Lordstown warned that it doesn't have sufficient capital to fund commercial-scale production of its electric truck. This is despite raising $675mn from its SPAC merger last year. With its admission of lacking capital, Lordstown is definitely in financial trouble if further investment isn't secured. The question is will investors will be willing to give it loads of cash once again? Lordstown's recent admission is just much in contrast with its sentiment at the time of its SPAC

Space: Rocket Trip With Jeff Bezos Sells For $28M

A seat on a planned short space trip by Blue Origin, the aerospace company owned by Amazon's Jeff Bezos, has been auctioned off for a large amount - $28mn . That emerged as the winning bid from a group of 7,600 people across 159 countries. The $28mn bid was won by a yet-to-be-identified person, who will take a short trip to space aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket. He/she will tag along with Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos on the trip to the edge of space. It'll be a short 11-minute trip to suborbital space and back as the first crewed mission undertaken by Blue Origin. It's a critical first space trip with humans aboard since Blue Origin was founded in 2000. The ride aboard Blue Origin's rocket is scheduled for July 20, barely two weeks after Bezos will step down as Amazon's CEO and become Chairman. It seems he has been waiting all this while to relinquish his CEO duties and take a trip to space. Blue Origin's first crewed mission is a thing of p

Covid-19: Novavax Says Vaccine 90% Effective

An American biotech firm working on a vaccine for Covid-19 has announced very positive results from its trials. That firm is Novavax , a reputed vaccine maker that began working on a Covid vaccine late last year. Novavax said its vaccine demonstrated 90.4% efficacy against Covid-19 from a sample of nearly 30k participants in the US and Mexico. At that, it plans to file for authorization with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) later this year. Novavax seems late to the game after successful Covid vaccines for the US have already been developed by Pfizer and Moderna. It's yet to receive authorization at a time when hundreds of millions of Pfizer and Moderna doses have already been sold in the US and abroad. Unlike Moderna and Pfizer, Novavax's Covid vaccine is protein-based rather than the mRNA technology the two companies decided to work with. The use of proteins is a long-established way of making vaccines compared to the mRNA which is new to mass production. There ap

Alert: FDA Approves New Alzheimer's Drug From Biogen

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted a landmark approval for a new drug to treat Alzheimer's , a neurologic disorder that affects millions worldwide. It's the first medication cleared by US regulators to treat the ailment in two decades. The drug granted clearance is  Aduhelm made by Cambridge-based Biogen. It's a branded name for  Aducanumab , a medication that works by removing sticky deposits of a protein called amyloid beta found in the brains of early Alzheimer's patients, with the hopes of reducing the ailment's buildup. As a note, Aduhelm is not a cure for Alzheimer's, but a way to attack what is believed to be an underlying cause in the disease in its early stages. It can't be used to tackle Alzheimer's that has already progressed to later stages. Aduhelm will cost $56k per year to patients.  The FDA clearance for Aduhelm came despite objections from many in the scientific and medical community, where there has been a fierce

Alert: Roblox Faces Major Lawsuit Over Music Rights

Shortly after a very successful public listing, gaming platform Roblox now has a formidable obstacle to face. It's getting sued by a group of music publishers alleging exploitation by their music being used on the Roblox platform without permission or payment. The music group suing Roblox includes Universal Music Publishing, Big Machine Records, and popular DJ Deadmau5. They're represented by the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and seeking at least $200mn in damages. The major allegation against Roblox is that it sells its users the option to insert virtual music players into games they create and that play copyrighted music by artists without compensating writers and copyright holders.  As such, the NMPA asserts that Roblox is enabling piracy with its user base, which skews towards young kids. “Roblox actively preys on its impressionable user base and their desire for popular music, teaching children that pirating music is perfectly acceptable,” the complaint s

Fintech: Sweden's Klarna Raises $640M, Valued At $46B

  Klarna, Europe's premier "buy now, pay later" financing startup has closed a big new round of funding. It's confirmed a $639mn financing round valuing it a whopping $45.6bn. The financing round was led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2, a new investor in the company. Other existing investors including Adit Ventures and WestCap Group also chipped into the round. With a $46bn valuation, Klarna has taken the top spot as the most valuable privately-held tech startup in Europe, according to CB Insights data . Globally, it's the second-most valuable, only beaten by American payments processor  Stripe . A company based out of Sweden, Klarna has built itself into the leading "buy now, pay later" provider globally, beating out Afterpay in Australia and Affirm in America. The company reported $1.1bn in net revenue on a gross merchandise volume of $53bn in 2020. After conquering many markets in Europe, Klarna's major focus is now in the US, where it launched i

Markets: Zoom, Salesforce Invest In's IPO

The stock market devotees of the tech world should be aware of, an Israeli software company that filed for a US IPO last month May. After filing, recently had a successful market debut, with two big names chipping in cash to invest. The two big names are Zoom , the popular video-conferencing software company, and CRM software giant Salesforce . They each bought shares worth $75mn at its IPO price and got a modest paper profit as the company soared 15% on its first trading day. Soaring 15%, the $75mn of shares each bought by Salesforce and Zoom produced a one-day gain of $11.6mn. It's a benefit of being a strategic investor whereas it got to purchase shares at the floor IPO price like the bankers underwriting the listing. Though, the shares purchased by Zoom and Salesforce are subject to lock-up restrictions and can't be sold for a period of 180 days. It means the profit is only on paper for now and could get reversed at the whims of the market.

Crypto: MicroStrategy Offers More Junk Bonds To Buy BTC

There's been one company at the forefront of promoting bitcoin use in the corporate world - MicroStrategy . It's bought a few billion dollars worth of bitcoin, financed by its own cash flow as well as borrowings on the bond market. Now, MicroStrategy is back again on the bond market to raise cash to buy bitcoin. This is despite its own indication of expecting to report an impairment loss of $285mn  in its next earnings report due to fluctuation in the price of bitcoin that it holds. MicroStrategy is selling $500mn worth of high-yield bonds, fondly called junk bonds, to buy bitcoin. The bonds are senior notes due by 2028, with an annual interest of 6.125%. MicroStrategy apparently is dazzled with bitcoin, such that after selling $1.6bn worth of bonds last year to buy it, it's back on the block to sell $500mn more. In fact, it originally planned to sell $400mn but topped $100mn more at the last minute. Buying bitcoin is how MicroStrategy has drawn the attention of many inves